Kris Smith Art – Florida-based Artist

Kris Smith’s artistic talent was recognized while still a student when she was awarded the National Hallmark Honor Prize in art. She studied in Europe and completed her degree at DePauw University.

Since then her career has brought her art to some rather remarkable places, including:

The White House – Ford Administration – painting

The White House – Carter Administration – portrait of Amy

Switzerland – Sir Charles Chaplin – portrait

Washington D.C. – Dorothy Hamill – portrait   •   Art Buchwald – portrait

Virginia – W.C. Fields & Friends Restaurant – 15 lifesized paintings of W.C. Fields and contemporaries, including Laurel & Hardy, Mae West, Shirley Temple, Will Rogers, and more

Maryland – Washington Bullets NBA Champion Team Portrait, and limited edition sculpture collection

California – Neil Diamond –  portrait   •   Smile Gallery, San Francisco – sculpture

New Mexico – Windsor Betts Gallery, Santa Fe – sculpture

Florida – Burt Reynolds – portrait, 1980   •   Hamilton Forman, Ft. Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce Man of the Year, 1992 – portrait   •   David McCullough, Pulitzer Prize Winning Author – portrait   •   2011 – Designed and created 12 ½’ Painted wood statue for the lobby of the Women in Distress Center in Deerfield Beach  •  Frank Del Rio, C.E.O. of Norwegian Cruselines

New York – Helen Gurley Brown, Editor, Cosmopolitan Magazine –portrait   •   Thomas Hoving, Metropolitan Museum of Art – Sculpture

Around the World – from 2012 until present day, Kris has been an Artist in Residence on Oceania Cruiselines (NCL)

Portrait Highlights
  •  Lauren Bacall
  •  Dr. Phil McGraw
  •  Gloria Steinem
  •  Dave Barry
  •  Jimmy Carter
  •  Charlton Heston
  •  Frank Del Rio, C.E.O. of Norwegian Cruiselines

Two of Kris’ works have been acquired by the city of Ft. Lauderdale; one for the Broward Sheriff’s Office, and one has been accepted as a part of the Black History Museum’s permanent collection.

Along with her serious commissions, Kris created sculpted wooden “portrait” marionettes which were subsequently featured as one of Neiman Marcus’ 10 most unusual gifts in the world in their famous Christmas Catalog, 1997. This led to appearances on OPRAH, MSNBC, GOOD MORNING AMERICA, 1998, as well as a feature in PEOPLE MAGAZINE.  

Click Here for the People Magazine Feature

Recently, Kris has developed a series of sculpted wood and clay “Little Guys” to appeal to the lighter side of our natures. They are a multi-media culmination of her talent as both a sculptor and a portraitist. They are contemporary in nature and thematic in design and have found a following among those who share her delightful sense of humor! One of those is financial advice guru, Suze Orman!

While working on commissions and teaching portrait workshops, Kris is an active member of the Boca Raton Museum Artist’s Guild and a member of the National Portrait Society. One can find her busily at work in her studio amid the sawdust and  paint, always in search of a new idea to put into one form or another!